Embark on a Wine Journey in the Scenic Hills of Magnificent Pelješac
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Embark on a Wine Journey in the Scenic Hills of Magnificent Pelješac

Wine tasting is a favourite incentive activity no matter where participants come from. Croatia boasts numerous wine regions, routes, and tours, but one of the most beautiful and impressive wine regions is situated near Dubrovnik. The Pelješac Peninsula is a true haven for wine enthusiasts, a perfect destination for exploring and tasting in numerous family wineries that offer unforgettable experiences. The wine tasting incentive program on Pelješac provides participants with a genuine experience of wine creation, tasting, and enjoyment, surrounded by unique natural beauty.

This impressive and steep peninsula is located on the southern coast of Croatia, near Dubrovnik. It is widely known for its vineyards and wine production. It's home to indigenous grape varieties such as Plavac Mali for red wines and Pošip for white wines. Pošip is a light white wine with refreshing fruity notes, while Plavac Mali boasts a deep colour, full body, and red fruit aromas. It is the primary variety used to produce Dingač and Postup wines, the most famous Pelješac wine regions.

The grapes grown in these vineyards are known for their high sugar content, thanks to the triple insolation - direct sunlight, reflection from the sea, and rocky hills. Nature in these beautiful vineyards restricts the use of machines, so they are worked almost exclusively by hand. This is their greatest charm and the reason why Pelješac is home to many small family and boutique wineries that offer guests an unparalleled welcome.


Visit Charming Family Wineries

The most famous wine region in Pelješac is Dingač, known for its steep slopes on the southern side of the peninsula, where vineyards stretch to the sea, producing top-quality red wines. There's also the Postup region, another renowned wine area on Pelješac known for producing high-quality red wines.

Among the wineries in this area, the family-owned Bura-Mrgudić winery from Potomje stands out. They have a long tradition and vineyards of Plavac Mali on the southern slopes of the peninsula, offering wines such as Dingač, Mare Postup, and Marica Plavac Mali. The Vicelić winery is a small but exceptionally high-quality producer located in Kuna Pelješka. Their most famous wines are Dingač and Plavac Vicelić. In the vineyards themselves, there is a cottage for wine excursions and tastings, offering an irresistible view of the vineyards, Korčula, Mljet, Lastovo, and the beautiful blue sea. The Matuško winery is located near the famous Dingač tunnel and is one of the most attractive wineries in Pelješac, with a beautiful tasting room. Their most famous wines are Dingač Royal, Dingač Reserva, Dingač Superior, and the sparkling wine Don Mateo. Saints Hills is a family winery in an old stone house in the small village of Oskorušno, which the young owners have given new life. The Miloš winery has been owned by the family for generations and places the greatest importance on quality and ecological production. They produce wines like Stagnum, Stagnum Rosé, Stagnum semi-sweet, Stagnum dessert wine, and Plavac. In Trstenik, you can also find the Grgić family winery, founded by Miljenko Grgić, one of the world's most renowned winemakers. His rich history in winemaking, experience gained through years of work, and the awards and recognitions he has received guarantee the production of the world's highest-quality wines.


A Complete Experience of Landscape, Tradition, and Flavour

By visiting these wineries, incentive participants will have the opportunity to taste exceptional full-bodied red wines made from indigenous grape varieties. Expert guides or winemakers will guide them through the process of tasting different wines, acquainting them with the characteristics, aromas, and flavours of the wines. Participants will taste various vintages of Plavac Mali wines, as well as other local varieties and often a variety of white wines, including Pošip and Grk. Many wineries offer guided wine tours where guests can explore their vineyards, cellars, and production facilities. During these tours, participants will learn about the wine production process, the region's history, and the characteristics of Pelješac wines.

Most wineries also offer the opportunity to pair wines with local dishes. Participants can savour delicious homemade food made from local ingredients, including fresh seafood, cheeses, and other delicacies that perfectly complement the wines they are tasting. Additionally, Pelješac is known for its breathtaking landscapes, so, along with wine and food, guests can enjoy stunning views.

Most wineries have the option to purchase wine at reasonable prices, providing an excellent way for participants to take home the wine they liked the most - a piece of Pelješac as a tasty souvenir.

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