EFAS 2023 Congress in Dubrovnik Gathers Over 180 Neurological Experts from 22 Countries
EFAS 2023 Congress in Dubrovnik Gathers Over 180 Neurological Experts from 22 Countries
This autumn, among various professional events, Dubrovnik hosted the 24th Congress of the European Federation of Autonomic Societies (EFAS) at Hotel Kompas from the 5th to the 7th of October. The host was the Section for the Autonomous Nervous System of the Croatian Neurological Society, led by Prof. Dr. Mario Habek.
The EFAS Congress is held annually under the organization of the EFAS umbrella organization, with each year taking place in one of the member countries. The aim of the congress is to provide insight into key topics related to the autonomic nervous system, present the latest information on methodology and science through lectures by leading experts in the field. Participants at the congress also have the opportunity to share their own data and clinical questions, fostering collaboration among attendees from various countries.
More than 180 participants from 22 countries attended the congress. The program was divided into themed segments, each consisting of lectures by leading experts in the field, as well as oral presentations where participants presented the results of their own research. The congress also featured a poster section where colleagues from various countries presented their research.
EFAS 2023 Congress brought together a significant number of leading experts in the field of the autonomic nervous system. Participants had the opportunity to hear interesting lectures on the autonomic prodrome in neurological diseases, learn more about the physiology of syncope, which often occurs as a symptom in various neurological conditions, discover hot topics in the neuroscience of the autonomic nervous system, explore the impact of autonomic dysfunction in neuroimmunological and neurodegenerative diseases, as well as cerebrovascular diseases. They also delved into the effects of autonomic dysfunction in extreme conditions such as intensive care units and space.
During the congress, the EFAS School was held, aimed at younger colleagues who could gain insight and practical advice on the methods commonly used to study the autonomic nervous system. Awards were also presented for special achievements in the field.
In addition to the professional program, participants had the opportunity to enjoy the views of Dubrovnik's Old City and socialize in the unique Mediterranean atmosphere at the gala dinner held at Sunset Beach Dubrovnik.

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