Dubrovnik will host the first world-class trail race in Croatia and the region - Spartan Trail Dubrovnik
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Dubrovnik will host the first world-class trail race in Croatia and the region - Spartan Trail Dubrovnik

The globally recognized brand, Spartan, renowned for organizing the world's largest obstacle races, is bringing the Spartan Trail Dubrovnik to the city in October this year. The race is scheduled for October 28 and 29 and promises an extraordinary challenge that defies mediocrity, offering participants moments they will remember forever. Spartan Trail Dubrovnik is an incredibly demanding course that tests both physical and mental limits. It's not just a run; it's about pushing one's own boundaries and breaking down mental barriers that, in some way, hold each of us back. This event is another in a series of sports occasions that put Dubrovnik on the international map of sports and unique event destinations.

Three Different Routes – Equally Impressive Landscapes and the Beauty of Dubrovnik's Region:

Spartan Trail Dubrovnik is a race that will allow trail runners to compete in one of three different route lengths, making it the first world-class race of its kind in Croatia and the region. The routes cover distances of 10 km with an elevation gain of 245 metres, 21 km with an elevation gain of 1073 metres, and 50 km with an elevation of 2627 metres. Participants will have the opportunity to push their endurance limits and showcase true sportsmanship.

The race routes take runners through the Dubrovnik region, from Konavle to Župa Dubrovačka, all the way to the plateau of Srđ, below which lies the beautiful city of Dubrovnik. The longest and most impressive stretch begins in Cavtat, a historic town once known as Epidaurum. It is renowned for its breath-taking sunsets and ranks among the most romantic cities on the Adriatic coast. After starting the race in Cavtat and heading towards the villages of Zvekovica and Uskoplje, participants will reach the village of Mihanići, nestled at the base of Mount Sniježnica, offering a panoramic view of Konavosko polje and the runway of Dubrovnik Airport.

The race course continues alongside the famous vineyards of Dubrovnik's Malvasija, one of Croatia's finest white wines. The race then proceeds to the village of Kuna, boldly climbing towards the summit of Sniježnica, the highest mountain in Konavle, crossing the former narrow-gauge railway known as "Ćiro." The race also descends through the Konavle region, ending with a descent along the Ronald Brown trail. Most of the Konavle area and the race route itself are part of the European ecological network NATURA 2000.

The course continues towards the Župa Dubrovačka region, where the longest race route merges with the 21-kilometre route. The 21-kilometre route starts in Mlini, right on the Adriatic coast, following ancient village paths towards the peak of Malaštica, standing at 625 metres. From the top, panoramic views extend to the Župa bays, islets, Cavtat, and the peaks of Herzegovina. Upon descending from the summit, the route continues along the mountain border with Bosnia and Herzegovina, leading to the famous hill of Srđ above Postranje, and over Gornji Brgat. The course proceeds through the Medena Valley, Žarkovica, and Bosanka to the summit of Srđ, offering unforgettable vistas of the city of Dubrovnik, the Elaphite Islands, and the entire Dubrovnik archipelago.

A Grand Finish Amid Epic Walls:

The race concludes on the plateau of Srđ. After an incredible journey, participants will return to the Adriatic gem, Dubrovnik. This historic city, known for its walls, churches, palaces, and narrow streets, will welcome the runners with open arms, accompanied by a spectacular atmosphere that will be etched in their memories forever.

Spartan Trail Dubrovnik is an incredibly challenging race that will test the courage and strength of runners along the path through the timeless historical beauty of Dubrovnik. Participants in all three formats will enjoy the beauty of the Dubrovnik region and feel the essence of the famous history of the Republic of Dubrovnik.

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