War Photo Limited
War Photo Limited is an exhibition center of war images that
answers the need for the exhibition, documentation, presentation,
collection and preservation of worldwide war and conflict
War Photo Limited
Our exhibits are the work of world-renowned photojournalists who
risk their lives on a daily basis to bring images to the eyes of the
It is the intent of War Photo Limited to present to the public the
reality of war, to expose the myth of war by focusing on how war
inflicts injustices on innocents and combatants alike. We will work
to make the disease of war understandable to the young,
especially the intolerance, violence and nationalistic idealisms that
lead to conflict.
War Photo Limited has no political agenda. We are a gathering
point of modern day war and conflict photography. Our mission is
to collect, exhibit and sell the best work that is out there, works that
at times may be disturbing to some.

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