Art Go'den - Local fashion heritage

Art Go'den fashion accessories made of silk are the products of modern design which finds its inspiration in the artifacts of Ragusa Republic history.

Art Go'den - Local fashion heritage
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Inspired by Republic of Ragusa and its profound aristocracy well known for being the first one to introduce cravat to the world (Dubrovnik's most prominent poet and noble man Ivan Gundulic; the oldest known portrait with a tie 1622). Art Go'den represent contemporary dandyism with touch of maritime flair. Our design is contemporary interpretation of local heritage in different art and craft forms.

We are focused on adding that final-touch in complementing casual appearances through creation of timeless accessory pieces that intentionally stands out from the interchangeable crowds.


Art Go'den accessory pieces are crafted using eclectic approach, combining modern process of design and manufacturing with know-how of experienced bespoke tailors and artisans.  Our collections reflect trends in color, texture and pattern while using high-quality natural materials such as leather, silk, wool, cashmere.


We are responsible to revitalize any form of cultural heritage and transform it through our design and manufacture in dynamics of fashion in 21st century. Our design is modern narrative of local heritage in different art and craft forms.  Art Go'den aims to promote local art and culture through it's products.

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