Going on foot

The best way to explore Dubrovnik is to go on foot.

Going on foot

You will discover its narrow streets with laundry hung up to dry, houses made of stone, gardens behind the wrought iron railings, pavilions adorned with blossoming climbing plants, gardens where the evergreen branches of Seville oranges are heavy with fruit throughout winter until late spring, boats anchored in the harbour, the azure sea and contours of distant islands. You will find many things and details which you would miss driving in a car or riding on a bus.

The entire Old City is a pedestrian zone. Walking along its streets you will over and over again discover a new detail carved in stone, a new chapel and a secluded lane. From any other part of the city, even the remotest one, you will easily walk to the Pile or Ploče Gates - western and eastern entrances to the Old City - in half an hour. A stroll from the Gruž Harbour, where numerous cruising ships land, will take you to Lapad Bay - another pedestrian zone - in less than half an hour, while a leisurely forty-minute walk will take you to the city walls. For easier orientation please use a city map or the Dubrovnik Tourist Board brochure Dubrovnik Riviera Info which you can get free of charge at one of our information centres in Gruž, Lapad, Pile.

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