Dubrovnik jewellery

The goldsmiths trade in Dubrovnik is one of the oldest, and certainly the best-known trades.


Dubrovnik jewellery
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While the beginnings of the goldsmiths trade in our city go back to the 13th century, it flourished in the 14th and 15th centuries. With their adroit hands the Dubrovnik goldsmiths made the favourite adornments of Dubrovnik ladies with special care, skill and artistry.

The rečini (earrings) or puce (decorative buttons) which you purchase in Dubrovnik will definitively be lifetime souvenirs.

The gold, filigree silver and coral jewellery is fascinating for its timeless beauty and workmanship, and its design matches all fashion styles.

At their workshops situated in the Old City, the Dubrovnik goldsmiths Vierda, Kraljević and Jurišić still manufacture the valuable Dubrovnik jewellery using age-old methods.

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