Street parking lots

Street parking lots are marked with special boards...

Street parking lots
If you wish to visit the Old City with your own car, we recommend the multi-story car park at Ilijina Glavica (Zagrebačka ulica bb). It is open 24 hours and has 711 parking spaces. From there, a walk through The Bogišić Park or along Pero Budmani Street will take you down to the Old City in just 5 minutes. Street parking spaces are marked by signs that include payment instructions and hourly parking rates. Parking can be paid by parking coupons obtained at kiosks and at parking metres. Parking coupons must be fi lled in correctly and displayed under the front windscreen of your car. Please prepare the exact amount for the required number of parking hours, because the coin-operated parking machine cannot give you change. Apart from using an hourly parking ticket with its time limit, the user of the parking space should display a valid parking ticket on his car windscreen. The public car park at Gruž Harbour (Obala pape Ivana Pavla II 1) is also open 24 hours. For more information about parking visit http://www.sanitat.hr

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