Celebrities in Dubrovnik

There is a very long history of famous people who have visited Dubrovnik,...

Celebrities in Dubrovnik

from Richard the Lionheart, Wallis Simpson, Prince Edward, Elisabeth Taylor, Richard Burton, Michael Douglas, Catharine Zeta Jones, Goldie Hawn, Kurt Russell, Richard Gere, Nick Nolte and Tom Cruise to celebrities, famed athletes, and virtuoso musicians. Every summer the polished stone slabs in Stradun show the reflection of world-famous persons. Last summer Dubrovnik hosted the Academy Award winner Kevin Spacey and the fashion king Valentino. The City was also visited by the Norwegian royal couple King Harald and Queen Sonia, who are sailing in the South Adriatic on their yacht. The guests of the Chamber Music Festival Julian Rachlin & Friends were the most well-known Agent 007 Roger Moore and the old friend of Dubrovnik John Malkovich.

Kevin Spacey visited Dubrovnik as a participant of the Dubrovnik Film Meeting, the prestigious manifestation organised in collaboration with the Sarajevo Film Festival and the Adriatic Luxury Hotel Group. In a memorable evening of film and glamour the film The Usual Suspects was shown, which won Spacey his first Oscar. While sailing the Adriatic the fashion magician Valentino never fails to visit Dubrovnik, and every summer one can see him and his company enjoying the summer night atmosphere. The Croatian football stars who have also forged international careers Eduardo da Silva and Luka Modrić walked along Stradun this summer. In recent decades Dubrovnik has hosted a large number of celebrities and royalty, the majority of whom come to the city on their luxurious boats anchored in front of the romantic Island of Lokrum, including Roman Abramovich, Paul Getty, Bill Gates, Caroline of Monaco, the Prince of Hanover, the King of Jordan and the Prince of Oman. However, all visitors to this world famous city, both well-known and unknown, are impressed by the beauty of Dubrovnik and its amazingly rich history and culture.

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