Cavtat is the ancient Epidaurum of the Adriatic Civitas Vetus, the predecessor of Dubrovnik,...


a Medieaval town built according to zoning plans on the slopes of a pen-ninsula with two easily accessible bays.

For centuries, its construction was based on the Dubrovnik principles of harmony. Each historical period is marked by the valuable works of some master. The cultural and historical story of its unique natural beauties can be retold uninterruptedly. Within the vicinity of Dubrovnik, and in a Mediterranean climate with exuberant vegetation, Cavtat developed into the cultural, social and tourist centre of Konavle.

Interesting sights to see are: the Račić Ivan Meštrović mausoleum, Franciscan monastery, Bukovac Gallery, Pinakoteka, Rectors Palace Museum and the St. Nicholas Parish Church.

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