Konavle – a place #where life is a simple pleasure
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in the very south of Croatia is the most southern part of Dubrovnik Riviera, with whose purchase the Dubrovnik Republic rounded off its territory in the 15th century.
The preserved natural, unique and exceptionally precious rural architecture, numerous monuments of the thousand-year-old history of this area, traditions that are hundreds of years old and have been kept through folklore, the distinctive traditional costumes of Konavle and the Konavle embroidery, the harmony of man's life and the nature ...all this renders Konavle unique and recognizable.
The name Konavle derives from the Latin word "canale", "canalis", in the local dialect "konali", "kanali", what is connected with the viaduct, which, in the times of the Romans, carried water from Vodovađa to Epidaurum, today's Cavtat. The Republic of Dubrovnik bought Konavle in the 15th century not only because of its extremely important strategic position but also because of its fertile land and its hardworking people who were engaged in agriculture, cattle breeding and seafaring. Therefore, during the entire period of their government over this so called "Dubrovnik granary", the Republic skillfully and effectively held authority headed by the Rector with his seat in the village of Pridvorje.
Natural beauty, rich cultural and historical heritage are what make Konavle worth visiting: Cavtat – the birthplace of the great Croatian painter Vlaho Bukovac; Čilipi - a village that for more than 50 years cherish and preserves tradition through Sunday folklore manifestations, Molunat - a charming small fishing village with beautiful underwater sites; the village of Ljuta with the river of the same name on which stream there are old stone mills and beautiful walks through the thick shade of the forest, small waterfalls and small streams; village Danave with Sokol grad - a fortress from the 14th century which offers a wonderful view of the nearby villages and dense cypress forests; the village of Dubravka with tombstones "stećci" which, due to their exceptional value, were inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2016.

All those who want to spend their vacation actively in Konavle can find numerous opportunities: hiking and biking trails, recreational horseback riding, ATV, adrenaline park, water sports, diving and exploring the underwater of Cavtat which hides one of the largest amphora sites in the Adriatic and the Mediterranean.

We should not forget the rich gastronomic offer of Konavle, which can be tasted in numerous restaurants and small family runed taverns. A special place in the enological offer of Konavle belongs to the indigenous Malvasia Dubrovnik white variety, Dubrovnik Republic's protocol wine which was almost destroyed and to whose preservation and restoration these days is given special importance.

So, visit Konavle, a place #wherelifeisasimplepleasure!

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