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8.00 pm, Marin Drzic Theater
Director: Livija Pandur

Author of adaption/dramaturg Lada Kaštelan
Based on Euripides
Set designe rSven Jonke(NUMEN)
Costume designer Danica Dedijer
Composers Primož Hladnik, Boris Benko(SILENCE)
Assistant to set designer Irena Kraljić


Alcestis, first performed in Athens in 438 B.C., is the oldest preserved work by Euripides. Histragedies,althoug hwritten in antiquity, directly correspond with our era and are still popular on stages world-wide. Alcestis is Euripides' perhaps most enigmatic tragedy and thus wide open to multiple interpretations. Lada Kaštelan's adaptation merely tries to eaves drop on its secret and transmit it,without attempting to solve it.The encounter with one'sown Death and loss is at the very root of the human condition.It is an extreme situation,in which our existence isc onfronted and the limitation sofour love aretested. The traditional story goes like this. Apolonius granted Admetius, king of Thesally, the possibility to eventually postpone his own death. But there was one condition! He could remain alive, only if someone else would be willing to descend into the Under world in his place. And the only one willing to take his place was his wife and the mother of his children, Alcestis, aforeigner. No one else! After her sacrifice, Heracles, an uninvited guest in this house of grief, manages to return her from the Underworld unharmed. What if one's life could be exchanged foranother?What if you could receive another person's life in exchange for your own? What if you could return after Death? What are the consequences, what is the price? Merciless questions to which only silence can provide ananswer.

Katarina Stegnar
Igor Kovač
Glorija Šoletić
Zdeslav Čotić
Bojan Beribaka
Hrvoje Sebastijan
Nika Lasić
Vini Jurčić

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