The Impulse of Living - Tonko Smokvina
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Galery Flora 7pm
The Impulse of Living - Tonko Smokvina
The work is based on a reflection on the observed internal zones. The innermostreturns to itself, only to be rendered external, and thus become what it is as an act.1Abstract painting by Tonko Smokvina has an ontological character. The statementis preceded by the knowledge of a darkness of the world within which we considerthe phenomenon of light, universal movement, peace, etc. Pointlessnessis stated. The work relies on a distinctive and powerful expression that governsthe movement of irregular color forms, making them flow in all directions. Thenotion of painting traces a spiritual experience and it is established and strengthenedin thinking.The metaphysical purity of art is a question of spiritual purity of consciousnessthat enters into a relationship with it.2 The absence of a recognizable mimetic motif,which is dominant in the cycle, synthesizes the experiences of expressionistand geometric abstraction. The compositions connect the set monochrome fields,such as frames and pictoral spaces, where powerful brushstrokes add color intoand onto the canvas. They form ciphers and codes, creating a dynamic and musicof irregular shapes, with a deep voicelessness of the monochrome.

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