Broken paradigm
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Galery Flora 8.00pm
Broken paradigm
Abode where lost bodies roam each searching for its lost one. Vast enough for searchto be in vain. Narrow enough for light to be in vain.

With her exhibition BROKEN PARADIGM, held at Flora Gallery, Dorinda Bulić-Čotić takes us to the world of material, spiritual and emotional paradoxeswhere things elude us, where emotions collide, and futility and powerlessnessfeel closer and closer.Uncertainty, the one brought by life but also the one we ourselves encourage,not just by doubting the world around us, but also by calling into question ouronly support – our inner voice that guides us, telling us that we need to go on, iswhat this work relies upon. With its conceptual and aesthetical characteristics,the exhibition reveals the authentic sensibility of the artist who uses a visualclarity of expression to translate into experience the doubt over relativism ofknowledge and general uncertainty.

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