Summer in Gruž
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from 3th July to 4th Septmber  LJETO U GRUŽU
Summer in Gruž
Summer is around us and it,s back Ljeto u Gružu / Summer in Gruž
PROGRAMME from 3.7. to 17.7.

The Summer in Gruž festival program presented

- numerous events at three locations

On Friday, July 1st, a press conference was held in Luj Šoletić Park in Gruž, on the occasion of the presentation of the program of the second Summer in Gruž festival, which will take place from July 3rd to September 4th. At the press conference, the Summer in Gruž program was presented by one of the organizers, Kristina Mirošević, and other summer events organized by the City of Dubrovnik and the Tourist Board of the City of Dubrovnik were presented by the Director of the Tourist Board of the City of Dubrovnik, Miro Drašković, and the Deputy Mayor of the City of Dubrovnik, Jelka Tepšić.

This year's, second in a row, edition of the Summer in Gruž festival was created in cooperation with the Tourist Board of the City of Dubrovnik, the City of Dubrovnik, associations and local entrepreneurs. The goal of the festival is the dispersion of the cultural and social content outside the historic city core, as well as the branding of Gruž in the urban centre of the city, which we have witnessed in recent years with the appearance of new and innovative content in this part of the city. This year's program takes place at three locations: the TUP factory, which is slowly turning into a small urban district, the Luja Šoletić park, which with its hidden beauty and greenery has proven to be a surprising oasis for organizing various events, and the Renaissance garden behind the Gruž market, which will on occasion to be open to the public.

33 events take place over 64 days, of which the following stand out (by location):

TUP market / TUP factory - the event that this Sunday opens the Festival in co-organization with KC Jadran, and which is full of numerous participants and contents: Our local craftsmen and artists who will present themselves and their work to us, a record fair, an exhibition of gifs, as and an innovative street gastro segment and many other contents. Through this festival, we want to establish the continuity of the TUP market due to the fact that many of our fellow citizens have shown great interest and enthusiasm in visiting the fair as well as participating in it in numerous ways.

ART PARK / GRUŽ PARK, which aims to transform Gružs park - Park Luja Šoletić into an art park and an open-air gallery, through two segments, one adapted to the younger age group - children's workshops that will be led by museum pedagogues from three city institutions for three weeks: Dom Marin Držić , the Art Gallery and the Natural History Museum, and the second segment in which academic artists will paint urban equipment (which was started last year by painting the first three benches) and thus give the park a new dimension - an open-air gallery that has the potential to grow into an attraction in its own right.

CINEMA PICNIC / MEADOW BEHIND GRUŽ MARKET, in co-organization with Dubrovnik Cinemas will take visitors again this year to the mystical place of the Renaissance garden or meadow behind the Gruž market, which will last three nights in a row, where we will have the opportunity to watch films for everyone's taste. All these locations (and even further) are rounded off by a special and specific tour called WALK THROUGH THE HISTORY OF GRUŽ, which was designed and led by historian and licensed guide Ivan Lujo especially for this festival. In addition to the aforementioned, numerous other events await us, such as a guitar party by young bands, a concert by the Dubrovnik Symphony Orchestra, yoga in the meadow, open studios, a puppet show, concerts, stand-ups, books in the park, robots in the park, a cinema in the museum and other pop up events. We are looking forward to the start of this year's program and all the future potential that this festival will bring forth.

The festival program is published every two weeks, and more about the festival and upcoming news can be found on the social networks of the festival, the Dubrovnik Tourist Board, as well as on the website: www.gruzfestival.com.

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