Exotic Tastes of India in Dubrovnik
Exotic Tastes of India in Dubrovnik

Through the cooperation of the Dubrovnik Tourist Board and the Indian Embassy in Zagreb, the exotic cuisine of India will be presented as part of the program of this year's Good Food Festival. Stephen Lobo will be the guest chef for Indian cuisine, an Indian with a German address, currently employed by the airline Lufthansa as the team leader for product development.


For his presentation at the Good Food Festival chef Stephen will prepare a program called ˝Incredible India˝, which is made up of several segments, including the so-called ˝Spice Seminar˝ through which he will explain the nutritional and other features of Indian spices as well as offering tasting of typical Indian dishes, all of which will be accompanied by Indian music. The aim of this program content is not only to present Indian gastronomy, but to also familiarise Dubrovnik chefs, restaurant owners, hoteliers, and students of the Tourism and Catering School with the specifics of Indian cuisine.

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