Blato Presents Itself with Kumpanjija and Lumblija
Blato Presents Itself with Kumpanjija and Lumblija

The promotion of traditional gastronomy of the Dubrovnik region is an important part of the Good Food Festival program and this year the presentation of the town of Blato from the island of Korčula will take place on Sunday 23 October 2016 from 11 am to 1 pm in Sponza Palace. In addition to the traditional Kumpanjija dance and a cappella singing by Klapa Kumpanji, there will be presentations of the local lumblija cake of the award-winning cookbook Croacia- Cozinha e Memoria Dalmata authored by Katie Gavranich Camargo, a descendant of immigrants from Blato. This is a beautiful opportunity both for people from Dubrovnik and for all visitors to become acquainted with another culinary rarity of our region, as well as a small part of the folklore and heritage of the island of Korčula.

The Kumpanjija nights’ society also nurtures food folklore through their association, specifically the tradition of preparing lumblija. For the fifth year in a row the Blato Tourist Board will organize a unique culinary event ˝Days of Lumblija˝ at the end of October which certainly contributes to the image of Blato and the island of Korčula as an island for living throughout the year, paying constant care and nurturing old customs and traditions and the promotion of local specialities such as the lumblija cake from Blato. Due to its ingredients, the lumblija is a long-lasting cake, which the older it is, the tastier it gets. It is often given as a gift to family, friends and neighbours as a ˝forget me not˝ message to be sent each year and to last for a long time.

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