Museum of Modern Art Dubrovnik – events inspired by art, enchanted by the view
Photo credit: MOMAD/Šime Fabris/Miho Skvrce
Museum of Modern Art Dubrovnik – events inspired by art, enchanted by the view
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The Museum of Modern Art Dubrovnik is home to modern and contemporary art, located in the Ploče area, above the popular city beach Banje. Thanks to its impressive architecture and spacious terrace with an enchanting view, it is a frequent host of various business and private events. The museum cooperates with a large number of local, Croatian and foreign agencies, hotels, restaurants, as well as private individuals who decide to independently organize the desired event. Meetings, banquets, corporate and wedding dinners, and even wedding ceremonies are often held there, since the museum also has its own chapel.

Historic terrace with a view of the island of Lokrum and the iconic Dubrovnik City Walls

The most interesting and sought-after area of this museum for organizing events is the large terrace located on the first floor of the museum, which offers a view of the old city centre and the island of Lokrum. Depending on the type of event and the set-up, it can host up to 200 people. If the event does not require seating and other accompanying facilities such as a dance floor, musicians, dancers and the like, this number can be much higher.

There is also a smaller terrace on the second floor that also offers an equally magical view of the Adriatic Sea and the atrium of the museum, which is semi-enclosed and is located right at the entrance to the Banac Palace. An excellent choice for smaller events, from 50 to 100 participants. It is important to emphasize that the Museum of Modern Art Dubrovnik provides its clients, as an alternative in case of unfavourable weather conditions, three separate rooms located on the second floor of the museum, which are connected to a smaller terrace on the second floor.

In addition to the already mentioned view from one of the most beautiful terraces in Dubrovnik, the Museum of Modern Art Dubrovnik is also interesting for its architecture. It was founded in 1945 and is located in the Cerva - Pozza palace in the Pile area. The architecture in which this museum institution of modern and contemporary art has been located since 1948 was originally conceived and built, from 1932 to 1939, as a representative family palace of the Dubrovnik ship-owner Božo Banac, and today it is a protected cultural monument. It was designed by prominent Croatian architects Lavoslav Horvat and Harold Bilinić. In terms of floor plan and style, this building is close to Gothic and Renaissance examples of Dubrovnik's urban and country architecture, such as the rector’s Palace, the Sponza Palace and the Sorgo summer residence. It abounds in spacious exhibition rooms with an elegant staircase leading to a large terrace.

Events inspired by art

What sets the Museum of Modern Art Dubrovnik apart and makes it an attractive and desirable location for organizing events is precisely the fact that it is a museum of modern and contemporary art, which gives every event a special, additional experience.

Event participants have the opportunity to enjoy works of art from the museum's rich collection of more than three thousand works of art. On the museum's large terrace, sculptures by famous Croatian and international artists such as Ivan Meštrović, Ivan Lozica, Frano Kršinić, Robert Frangeš Mihanović, Petar Pallavicini, Vanja Radauš, Nikola Njirić, Valerije Michieli, Branko Ružić and others are exhibited. In the interior, you can experience the works of local, Croatian or foreign artists, depending on the current exhibition.

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