Get to know the history of Dubrovnik in an interesting search and quiz among the city walls

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Get to know the history of Dubrovnik in an interesting search and quiz among the city walls
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Dubrovnik, with its natural beauty and rich historical and cultural heritage, is a treasure trove of ideas for creative and exciting incentive programs. This time, a successful example comes from the PCO and DMC agency Adria Congress, specialized in the organization of congresses, meetings, incentives, exhibitions, presentations and similar events. For the needs of the congress of scientists dealing with genetic forensics, which took place in Dubrovnik in November 2022, the Adria Congress expert team made an effort to organize an interesting incentive that encouraged participants to engage, to learn about historical facts related to Dubrovnik, and have a lot of fun at the same time.
The organizer of the congress approached the agency with the desire to organize a treasure hunt/quiz game through the streets of the city, in which the participants would play an active role. The goal was for the participants to relax and have fun and not have to listen too much to the presentation of the guide, considering that they spent almost the whole day in the congress hall actively listening to lectures.
Quiz questions hidden in cardboard rolls in different places in the city
"Keeping in mind their wishes and the limited budget of the organizers, we tried to come up with something simple, but effective, interesting and not pretentious, and yet not too demanding and too hard for the participants," said Katija Ljubimir from the Adria Congress agency.
That's how they created the concept of the incentive program, which included a quiz with questions related to the medieval history of Dubrovnik, which were hidden in cardboard rolls placed in different locations within the old city.
The group of participants can be divided into several teams. In the example of this case, it was three teams. Upon arrival at the Pile Gate, each team received its own colour, as well as clear instructions on how to play the quiz. The cardboard rolls are also marked with the colour of the group, so for example the blue team was looking for rolls with a blue sticker, the red team was looking for rolls with a red one, etc. During the entire duration of this search, a dedicated team monitored the game and made sure that a local did not accidentally take the roll.
Each question in the roll had three offered answers, of which only one was correct. The questions were designed in such a way that it was not easy to find them on the internet. Teams had exactly 45 minutes to play. After that, according to the agreed time and location, the participants continued with the program in a restaurant where dinner was organized.
Dinner in a city restaurant and award ceremony
The great hunt for the rolls ended with a dinner in a restaurant during which, in the break between courses, the results of the quiz were announced. In this case, all three teams were tied. You should also take into account such a possibility, so already in the preparation you should have three additional questions to which the team leader as a representative of each of the teams answered. The team leader who raises his hand first has the right to give the answer first, and if he is correct, his team wins.
Prizes are awarded to the winning team, and it is preferable that they be some domestic, autochthonous Dubrovnik or Croatian product that will give the participants an additional feeling of connection with Dubrovnik. In the case of the participants of the congress of genetic forensics, according to the organizer's wishes, the prizes were the famous Croatian candy makers Bajadera.
"I have to honestly admit that it was truly a pleasure to work with this group and that they made it clear with a lot of gestures how relaxed they were and that they enjoyed the organized game. According to the feedback that we received, the participants returned home full of positive impressions and beautiful memories from Dubrovnik," concluded Katija.

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