Culture Club Revelin – luxurious events in a prestigious historical setting

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Culture Club Revelin – luxurious events in a prestigious historical setting
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Culture Club Revelin, located in the Revelin fortress that "guards" the eastern city gate of Dubrovnik, is a unique place for organizing events where the past and present meet. With an irresistible view of the old city centre and the open Adriatic Sea, a striking style fused with the centuries-old walls of the historic fortress and a carefully selected program, Revelin has become the centre of night life in Dubrovnik, but also in the whole of Croatia. In addition, it is one of the most popular locations for holding various types of business and social receptions and parties.
The Revelin fortress is located northeast of Dubrovnik's city walls, and was built in the 16th century as part of a defence complex to protect the port and the eastern part of the city from the mainland. It is a spacious fortress in the shape of an irregular quadrangle with three entrances, a large vaulted hall in the interior and a beautiful terrace at the top with a view of Dubrovnik and its harbour. Today, the fortress houses the permanent exhibition of the Archaeological Museum, as well as a virtual museum and the Culture Club Revelin.
Historical space - modern services
The large vaulted hall of the Revelin fortress can easily be transformed into a conference hall adapted to the wishes and needs of the client, and there is the possibility of dividing and adapting the space to the needs of the event. There is also a spacious terrace with a spectacular view of Dubrovnik, where many performances of the Dubrovnik Summer Festival are held, as well as numerous other events. It offers the opportunity to give participants of scientific congresses and business conferences the opportunity to relax and enjoy excellent food and entertainment - from a simple 3-course meal to a 7-course feast with a rich selection of drinks - all in an attractive medieval setting. Considering the multi-functionality of the fortress, the food and beverage service is fully adapted to the client's requirements.
Culture Club Revelin also has a VIP zone in its offer, where great attention was paid to the details. Various designer sofas, luminous tables, as well as the starry sky, give visitors the true sense of enjoying the imposing fortress. The space of the VIP area was arranged by well-known architects and designers who, with their ideas and harmony, added to the feeling of magic upon entering the space.
Revelin offers various possibilities of privatization of space for the organization of events such as weddings, gala dinners, congresses, workshops, fashion shows, beauty pageants, dance meetings and the like. It can host up to 500 people, but the capacity of the space depends on the set-up, i.e. the type and needs of the event itself.
Among the best clubs in the world!
Paying close attention to all the details, creating a recognizable brand that has never been seen before in this area, Culture Club Revelin constantly keeps up with the times. For many years, it has won prestigious awards in the world elections of the best clubs in the world. As many as three major awards that marked the year 2022 have just arrived at Culture Club Revelin and Dubrovnik! Thus, Revelin won the Ambassador award and was declared the best club in Croatia. With the award of DJ MAG, Culture Club Revelin was included in the 20 best clubs in the world, and at the award ceremony of the International Nightlife Association (INA), it was included in the elite company of the 100 best clubs in the world.
A part of the list of world music names that have left their musical mark within the walls of Culture Club Revelin includes Afrojack, Artbat, Carl Cox, David Morales, Martin Solevig, Gramophondzia, Boy George, Idris Elba, Fatboy Slim, Freemasons and all the way to Paul Van Dyk, Shapeshifters, Mark Knight, Eric Claptone, Shaquille O'Neal, Miss Monique and Gorogon City.
The combination of luxury, entertainment, the offer of high-class beverage brands and top performers, with the atmosphere of a bastion from the 16th century, in addition to tourists, visitors and guest DJs, also enchanted numerous celebrities from the world of sports, film and fashion. Numerous international and local stars experienced their most intimate moments in Revelin, such as wedding and engagement celebrations. International companies and organizations Google, Philip Morris, NATO, Fia, Loreal, Alfaparf, Mercedes, HBO, Turkish Airlines, Lufthansa, Allianz and many others have chosen Revelin as an ideal space for gala dinners and business meetings.

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