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ECM Conference participants thrilled with Dubrovnik
Dubrovnik – host of the European Cities Marketing (ECM) Conference and General Assembly, with approximately 200 participants, representatives of European tourist and conference boards as well as marketing professionals from more than 110 European cities
ECM Conference participants thrilled with Dubrovnik
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This prestigious conference was held in Dubrovnik from 31st May until 3rd June 2017 and was organized by the Dubrovnik Tourist Board, which is a long-standing member of this Association and the European Cities Marketing (ECM). It was held under the auspices of the Ministry of Tourism of the Republic of Croatia and the Croatian Tourist Board.

ECM , a non-profit organization gathering  about one hundred tourism organizations from all over Europe, whose aim is exchanging ideas, education and encouraging competitiveness, is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year and it was in the Revelin Fort that the gala birthday dinner took place. To the delight of everyone present, the dinner started on the Revelin Fort terrace with fanfare and a welcome speech delivered by the 'Rector' of Dubrovnik, Mr. Marojica Bijelić. The speech was followed by a performance by the Linđo Folklore Ensemble and afterwards, a jazz band contributed to the unique atmosphere.

During the four days of this year's Conference in Dubrovnik, whose focus was 'Disturbance in Urban Travel', the participants had the opportunity to take part in several working groups and professional committees, listen to lectures given by world-renowned experts, mostly university professors specializing in topical issues and worldwide trends.

The Conference focused on topics such as new marketing strategies, accepting new trends, sustainable tourism, necessary prerequisites for a quality halal destination as well as the economic situation and terrorism in the world.

On the first evening of the ECM Conference, all the participants enjoyed a special welcome – a trip from the Port of Gruž to the Old City on the Karaka, a replica of the traditional Argossy ship with the view of the sunset and the traditional klapa singing by Ragusavecchia.

After the working part of the conference, the participants could take a tour of the Old City with a certified guide, or, if they were fans of the world-renowned TV series, they could participate in a themed Game of Thrones tour. The tours were followed by a wine tasting event, which allowed the participants to experience Dubrovnik with all their senses.

The final day of the conference was dedicated to a visit to the Island of Lokrum, which was a final touch for the perfect impressions which our dear guests will take back home.

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