Rich historical legacies, diverse cultural content, the offer of film tourism is based on the fact that in recent years Dubrovnik has been a favourite in the world of well-known locations for capturing attractive serials and films, a cosmopolitan spirit - all of these tourists recognize as attractive reasons for discovering one of the most beautiful Mediterranean cities.


The most well-known HBO production and the most watched series ever, was filmed in Dubrovnik from 2011 to 2018, from the 2nd to the final 8th season, and according to the executive producers, David Benioff and D.B. Weiss, the main reasons for coming to film in Dubrovnik was the description of King’s Landing from the books of George R.R Martin which coincided exactly with the image and position of Dubrovnik. In the short films that were released before the new season of broadcasting, the production team and actors from the series, unmistakably expressed their delight with Dubrovnik, the hospitality of the citizens and Croatia in general. According to the most recognised international media publications, Dubrovnik is the most important venue for Game of Thrones, as it “plays” the role of the capital of the Seven Kingdoms.

Throughout the world Dubrovnik is more and more recognizable as King's Landing, special tours are organized for the "Games of the Thrones Route", journalists from the world explore historic sites and more and more of the world’s media recognize Dubrovnik as an ideal film destination.

The attractiveness of Dubrovnik as a filming location is confirmed with the increasing interest from the world's film production companies for shooting in Dubrovnik. In addition to the mega popular Game of Thrones, filming by the Indian film industry, or Bollywood, in Dubrovnik including the movie Fan which starred one of India's most popular actors, Shah Rukh Khan, triggered the interest of Indian film audiences. This was followed by the shooting of the world's most popular movie hits, Star Wars and Robin Hood. These globally popular productions have firmly placed Dubrovnik on the map of unique and desirable destinations for filmmaking.

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