Festival Ana in The City
June 21, 5.00 am Excelsa Real Estate Amphytheatre Srđ
Sunset Beach Dubrovnik at 20 hrs and greet the first summer sunset.

Festival Ana in The City
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Internationally known cellist Ana Rucner introduces her festival Ana in The City from June 19 to June 23 in Dubrovnik


Two astonishing concerts greeting first summer sunrise and sunset on the World Music Day

Festival „Ana in the City", project of Croatian but also internationally known cellist Ana Rucner is
taking place from June 19 to June 23, for the ninth time in beautiful Dubrovnik. Visitors will enjoy this year two beautiful concerts and two attractive performances of the oldest Theater in the world of blind and visually impaired people „New Life". Already traditional Greeting to Summer will take place at beautiful Excelsa Real Estate Amphytheatre on June 21, first day of summer, at 5 am. It is unique music event, greeting to the first summer sunrise, and Ana is hosting a popular Croatian opera singer Sandra Bagarić and pianist Darko Domitrović. The same day, which is also the Words Music Day, Ana will perform on Sunset Beach Dubrovnik at 20 hrs and greet the first summer sunset.

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