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Record-Breaking Tourism Results: Dubrovnik is a Living and Eventful City with a Quality Tourism Product
Tourism results achieved in 2016 were the topic of the press conference that was held on Monday at the Dubrovnik Tourist Board.
Record-Breaking Tourism Results: Dubrovnik is a Living and Eventful City with a Quality Tourism Product
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Director of the Dubrovnik Tourist Board Romana Vlašić presented the tourist results achieved in December, as well as throughout 2016. She announced that 4,838 guests welcomed in the New Year in Dubrovnik, which is 9 percent more than were registered during New Year’s Eve 2016. Most guests were from Croatia, followed by guests from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, Portugal, Albania, the United States, Austria, Italy, Spain and Germany. In addition, excellent results have been reported for December 2016. In numbers this translates to 18,154 tourist arrivals or 26 percent more than in the same period last year and 43,399 overnight stays or 27 percent more than in December last year.


˝The tourist season in Dubrovnik is growing longer, and spurred on by results and a series of recognitions, we are coming closer to achieving our goal – a season that lasts 365 days˝, said Vlašić. She also recalled the many promotional activities and projects of the Dubrovnik Tourist Board such as the extremely successful third edition of the Good Food Festival and the award-winning film Dubrovnik and Time.


Mayor Andro Vlahušić said that the impressive tourism results primarily reveal a high-quality tourist product and the branding of Dubrovnik as a desirable and meaningful year-round destination. ˝New flights or campaigns are not so important, rather it is the product. You can look at the results of tourism in Dubrovnik for January, February, March and November in the last three years, with and without the Winter Festival, with and without films, and you will see that the Winter Festival and film-making in Dubrovnik have brought growth. We do not have the Pelješac Bridge; we do not have the highway to Dubrovnik. But we have a living city and we have a product. People do not come to the city just because some hotel has opened or because we have a new airport. People come if there is a product˝, he said.


The mayor then compared the results of Dubrovnik, Rovinj and Poreč during the previous year and in 2008, when the recession hit. In 2008 in Poreč there were over 2,700,000 overnight stays, and last year there were over 3,100,000. In eight years, the numbers increased by 400,000. In 2008 Rovinj had about 2,600,000 overnight stays, and in 2016 about 3,400,000; therefore, an increase of 900,000. In 2008 Dubrovnik recorded over 1,700,000 overnight stays compared to more than 3,700,000 overnight stays in 2016.


˝How did this one city achieve nearly two million overnight stays more in 8 years?˝, asked the mayor and concluded: ˝Infrastructure is not important, Dubrovnik has become a living city. Once we were the most boring city in the region, and now only in December there were around 20 concerts. There were more concerts in the City during the last month than there were all together from 2004 to 2008, and these are free, outdoor concerts.˝


He also announced plans for 2017. Numerically, the forecasts are realistic, and that means 1.1 million arrivals and 4 million overnight stays. In Dubrovnik during the winter there are an average of between 1,600 and 17,000 guests a day, said Vlahušić, and the goal is to increase that figure to two thousand, or four thousand on weekends, when Dubrovnik will rightly be able to bear the label of being a city for all seasons. He said that the 4th Winter Festival would already be defined in late January and that in cooperation with a large global entertainment company and hotel brand, the goal is to have a special program for the Dubrovnik Winter Festival, especially for New Year's Eve, featuring a foreign musical performer.


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According to check ins and check outs of tourists recorded through the eVisitor system, 4,838 guests welcomed New Year’s 2017 in Dubrovnik, which is 9% more than for New Year's Eve 2016. According to the data, most guests were Croatian, followed by guests from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, Portugal, Albania, the United States, Austria, Italy, Spain and Germany.


The success of the Third Dubrovnik Winter Festival is also shown through tourism results for December 2016, when Dubrovnik had 18,154 tourist arrivals (26% more than the previous year) and 43,399 overnight stays (27% more than in 2015). In December, the most guests were from Croatia, followed by Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania, the United States, Korea, Slovenia, the United Kingdom, Spain, Japan and Portugal.


According to statistics from the Dubrovnik Tourist Board, in 2016 Dubrovnik achieved record-breaking results. From 1 January to 31 December 2016 there were 1,013,030 arrivals in Dubrovnik, which makes for a total of 12% more arrivals than in 2015. During 2016, there were 3,481,513 overnight stays, which was an increase of 13% compared to 2015.


The top-list of countries from which tourists in 2016 arrived in Dubrovnik was led by the already traditional guests from the United Kingdom, Germany, USA, France, Croatia, Spain, Sweden, Finland, Australia and Italy.


The eVisitor system did not include nautical tourism in 2016, which from 1 January to 31 December 2016 saw 23,372 arrivals (13% less than in 2015) and 230,902 overnight stays (5% more than in 2015).


The total number of arrivals from 1 January to 31 December 2016, including nautical arrivals, was 1,036,402 and there were 3,712,415 overnight stays.

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