Concert by IVO and FADO5
Marin Držić Theatre,  08.06.2019 at  9.00 pm
Concert by IVO and FADO5

This is unique musical experience that brings Portuguese music in a contemporary way that merges the Oceania and the Mediterranean! The repertoire is made up of some of the best fado songs sung by male fado singers.


Fado is a music that was bornaround 1861 in Coimbra, the Portuguese university town, where men are first introduced to it, and only later develops a popular female variant that today knows variations across the Portuguese territory while Coimbra still maintains tradition of male fadists.


Concert by IVO and FADO5 is the same emotion for both domestic and foreign audiences who have had the opportunity to listen to them and watch their performances at all major and important cultural events of Croatian stages.

In the musical accompaniment of academic musicians, Ivo Perkušić, an actor and singer provides emotions and spirits that are close to the Mediterranean sentiment that he uses performing his own music created in collaboration with famous Croatian authors.


FADO5 is one of fado stories created between Sanctus Domnia and IVO. Acoustic guitar, mandoloncello, portuguese guitar, mandolin and cajon are instrumental underlay fado performance, which in its intinition edition offers pure emotion and direct contact with the audience. FADO5 has performed throughout Croatia. Pavle Sviličić, chef of the band leading the composition with his musicality and talent. He has performed as an author of many classical but contemporary compositions for orchestras and solo performers. He is the only musician in Croatia who plays the Portuguese guitar, the instrument to which the fado itself is connected. Branko Arsekin, a musician with exceptional acoustic guitar expertise, has a rich experience both in contemporary and traditional music, playing and composing. Tomislav Kalebić, a professor of music, on the bass guitar opens up the dimension of fado known only to the contemporary interpretations of this genre, which traditional and Portuguese performers are currently looking for. Ivana Kenk Kalebicis one of just four graduate professors of mandolin in Croatia and with her female energy contributes to the emotional story of the fado.Goran Grgurev,an experienced drummer, in the fado statement brings a rhythm of cajon and percussion that is perfectly embedded in the FADO image as a whole. FADO5 is the team you want to hear and that you will remember
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