Le Petit festival
We invite you to be with us from the 13th to the 16th of June and become part of our story and the Le Petit Festival in Dubrovnik.
Le Petit festival
Saturday 15th June 2019
Art Workshop Lazareti in Dubrovnik
Concert "Chansons d'Amour through Time"
Mathieu Chardet (France) and Ayser Vançin (Turkey).
With the special appearance of Viki Vucetic (Croatia)


Art Workshop Lazareti in Dubrovnik
One unusual fairy-tale
"The mirror and metaphysical Red Carpet" – with a special appearance of Lady Gaga alias Maria Soric
Mirjana Sajinovic (Slovenia), Aleksandra Blagojevic (Slovenia), Marta Catic (Croatia), Dzive Catic (Croatia), Tyra Vladic (Croatia) and Andreo Bezic (Croatia)

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Gruž Obala I. Pavla II, 1
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