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Tourism and strategy 2018
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Tourism and strategy 2018


4th European Festival Dubrovnik


CRUISE & DESTINATIONS – Challenges & Opportunities

Dubrovnik, November 7th – 10th 2018

From the 7th to the 10th of November 2018, Dubrovnik will host the 4th Tourism and Strategy Festival. The main topic this year is cruise tourism and the project is being jointly organised by the City of Dubrovnik and its French sister city of Rueil Malmaison.

For the conference part of the festival, the topic ˝Cruise Travel and Cities - Opportunities and Challenges˝ was chosen precisely because of the importance of cruise tourism for European destinations, of which Dubrovnik is one of the leaders. Popular tourist destinations face great challenges, primarily when it comes to increasing numbers of visitors, and are developing new ways to deal with these challenges.

Strategic management of guests and visitors is an area that the City of Dubrovnik is paying great attention to and this year's Tourism and Strategy Festival will focus on the opportunities and challenges that are encountered on a daily basis by visitors from cruise ships.

Many participants will speak about these topics, including representatives of Mediterranean destinations and ports, as well as prominent representatives of international cruise tourism associations, cruise companies and scientists. Among speakers that have already been announced are Cindy D'Aoust, President of the CLIA Organization (Cruise Lines International Association), Airam Díaz Pastor, President of The Association of Mediterranean Cruise Ports, Alberto Cappato, Secretary of the AIVP Association (The Worldwide Network of Port Cities) and Director of the Port of Genoa, and Chris Windsor-Price (Marella Cruises Marine Operations Manager).

The keynote speaker will be CBS journalist Peter Greenberg, a multiple Emmy Award winning investigative journalist and reporter who is a widely recognized, esteemed and highly respected American reporter. In the tourism industry he is known as the ˝Travel Detective˝, he serves as the CBS News Travel Editor and has great knowledge of tourist topics.

The goal of the conference is to reach conclusions through the exchange of ideas, experiences, examples in practice and panel discussions that will be integrated into the development of destination strategies. Along with Dubrovnik, cities like Venice, Barcelona, Bruges, Corfu, Kotor, as well as cities in river cruise tourism such as Vukovar, will share their experiences.

In addition to the conference part, the four-day event includes awards for the best marketing and promotion tools, so there will be prizes for the best examples of marketing campaigns, video material and printed material for cruise ship destinations.

There will also be events organised for the general public, with particular emphasis on young people.

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