The Lazarettos
Walking towards the eastern entrance to the City one faces the Lazaretto Complex at Ploče.

The Lazarettos
The eastern suburb Ploče used to be the meeting place of merchants caravans and travellers from the Ottoman Empire.

The first quarantine was thus built at Ploče as early as 1377 for the purpose of isolating the travellers and goods from the eastern countries, where the outbreaks of contagious diseases were frequent.

The Lazarettos, consisting of eight preserved buildings and five courtyards, were renovated in 1623 from the seaside in order to also enable landing of larger boats. The complex included large warehouses for goods and livestock, as well as lodgings for the extended stay of merchants and travellers in isolation.

In the 17th century the Dubrovnik Lazarettos were the largest merchants transit centre on the Adriatic, and one of the best organized quarantines on the Mediterranean.

Today, the Lazarettos serve manifold purposes such as recreation, trade and entertainment. The most attractive Dubrovnik hotels Excelsior and Argentina, as well as the ART GALLERY in the monumental villa from 1939, are also situated at Ploče.

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