Galleries 2015
Galleries of the Good Food Festival 2015.
Galleries 2015
Sweet Factory by Lucija Tomašić
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Dubrovnik Table
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Bled „kremšnite“
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Elegant Tea Time
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Guided Wine Tasting of Postup Mare
img_1218 img_1220 img_1213 img_1196 img_1178 img_1168
Healthy Food and Homemade Goods Fair
img_0649 img_0646 img_0643 img_0641 img_0638
Presentation of the mini cookbook „Dubrovnik – a taste prom the past“
img_0725 img_0719 img_0746 img_0779 img_0781 img_0785
Dinner with a famous chef: Dino Galvagno
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Sweet Afternoons at the Imperial
img_0630 img_0622 img_0613 img_0608 img_0596 img_0587 img_0583 img_0568
Eco Workshop: „From the garden to the table“
img_0670 img_0668 img_0667
Workshop: „Traditional Dubrovnik Delicacies“
img_1275 img_1272 img_1268 img_1267 img_1265 img_1256 img_1254
Thematic evening: Pantarul + Crvik
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An Evening of the City of Gijon ( Spain)
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Presentation and tasting: Meat, pates and terrinas
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